Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Ow, ow, ow!


So I did something this last weekend.

I started laser hair removal on my face. This wasn't a huge deal for me in regards to having a face free of facial hair. I have some rather large bald spots on it anyway that grow nothing. Not to mention I have always hated shaving.

So I wasn't freaking out about not having it or having less.

So how was it.

I won't lie.

It hurts.

But it isn't the most painful thing I have endured and really a few hours after I was done it was a dull memory. However if you have no tolerance for pain be prepared.

Granted it left my face looking a bit raw and beat up. By that evening it felt like a fading sunburn. Tender but I wasn't in agony.

The biggest issue I will note is the fact that the laser itself doesn't hurt at all. If you placed in on bare, hair free skin, you wouldn't even feel anything.

It is the dying hair follicle that hurt. Much like it hurts plucking a hair out. But when hit a dense patch of them like on the chin, YOUCH!

I was told to give it 7 - 10 days for everything to return to normal and for the follicle to let go of the hair. Put she was pleased with what she saw So she things I should see a lot less. She has been doing this for 10 years so I hope this is a good sign.

There will be return trips to clear it all out, Many a tech I have talk to say I am an excellent candidate, so I hoping for the best.

We shall see.