Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Full Circle

It is always interesting to return to places or people who know you from before.

Which happened to me recently when I had to see my General Practitioner for my annual physical.

I mentioned him way back here when I first had to come out to him and wanted to keep him as my GP.

Each year since he had always asked when I was going full time. During my last visit I told him it was to be the beginning of this year.

Now since I had not seen him since, I haven't had any illness or malady significant enough to warrant a visit, I did not return until my annual physical came around again.

When I called for the appointment I gave my old name, let her know it changed and the clerk was super understanding about it all and told me just to have everything when I arrived.

The day came, I signed in, and stood there with everything. She realized who I was, grabbed all my info and said "Have a seat Kelli, I'll get all your info updated and have you check it."

No issues there. I sat back down after that was done and in about five or ten minutes got called into the back.

I make early appointments for them so I usually have a short wait.

Only I had no idea how short that was to be.

I walked back with the nurse, she took my blood pressure, had me step on the scale(After I removed my boots of course. I had my jeans tucked into them that day), asked me a few standard questions and told me the doctor would be with me shortly.

She said this as I started to put my boots back on. I heard the door click shut as I put my second one on. When I heard it click open again, before I even had finished zipping back up.

Now normally I have about a ten or fifteen minute wait to actually see the doctor when I am at his office. Sometimes longer but not often. This is one reason I like them, they keep things moving and run a pretty efficient operation.

Yet I was stunned to see my doctor already entering the room not thirty seconds after the nurse left.

"Well that was fast!" I noted.

"HAHA well the office was buzzing when you got here and they were telling me you looked amazing. I could not wait to see for myself."

"Really? And?"

"Yeah and wow do you look great! Honestly I had no idea where you were going to end up but you really do look good."

"Thanks Doc!"

With that we got into the standard stuff about how I was feeling. If I had any issues to report. He also asked if I was still seeing my last Endo for HRT. If there was anything else I had done in addition to the surgeries he knew about(which was just the BA and the hair transplants). We talked about my GRS surgery and I gave him a copy of the forms my surgeon had me fill out so she can speak to him if need be. I mean he will be doing my pre-surgery workup and physical when the time comes.

Once we has covered that and got through the basic physical we were wrapping up. He turned to me and asked how I was doing.

"I am really good."

"Are you happy?"

"Very much so, loving life right now."

"Good I am glad. You look happy. I don't ever think I have seen you this comfortable and I don't blame you for being happy. You have every reason to be. Wow I am still shocked at how good you look!"

"Thanks again!"

With that we wrapped up his part of the appointment. All I had to do was wait to have my blood drawn and off I went.

It still boggles my mind that I am here and I am getting the positive reactions I am. Really, transition is such a misunderstood idea. Of which, most have the wrong one. Knowing that really feeds into your fear of what it will be like on the other side.

Just recalling the day I told him and how worried I was and here I am now with his full support and glowing comments.

Live has truly come full circle.


Jamiegottagun said...

Sounds to me like the Dr. is looking for a gurlfriend! Go for it, he's a DOCTOR! :-)

Kelli Bennett said...

I doubt it, he is happily married and has been a really good doctor for me. After the string of bad ones, I would rather keep it strictly professional. Honestly I think he was just genuinely curious. Can't some people just be happy for another person?

Cassidy said...

This was great to read! He sounds like a terrific doctor, and a real ally for you.

My first doctor, while nice, wasn't fulfilling his responsibilities, to put it mildly. On three occasions I was literally down to my last pill. I was forced to leave multiple messages pleading with him to renew my prescriptions. He finally would, but who needs to fight their doctor like that?

My new doctor is wonderful, though. Very thorough, very professional, and extremely nice. She's a gem. :c)

== Cass

Stace said...

People have the wrong idea about transition. I could not agree more with that statement.

I think that everyone has such strange idea's about what we are going to turn into once we transition...

On the bright side, when we don't it can't help but put their mind at rest :)

It's also wonderful to get all of the 'You've never looks so comfortable comments' isn't it?