Friday, June 3, 2011

C is for Cookie

I've run into a problem.

With my rediscovered ability to eat, I find myself eating things I probably shouldn't.

Or at least I shouldn't eat as much of them as I am.

It really is a case of OMG NOMS!!!

Followed by a lot of...


I get going on something and I just can't seem to stop myself. I want to keep eating because...well...I like food and having had it taken away from me for a while I feel I kind want to make up for lost time.

I would compare it to a long distance relationship. Kind of an absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Only with food.

However I have discovered recently that I have put some weight on.


It doesn't help that I haven't been exercising at my usual levels.

Fortunately I am not packing on the pounds. More accurately I am a little above my ideal weight.

I have been getting back into the routine again. Diligently hitting the treadmill and taking the puppies for walks when I can.

I just need to regain control of my desire to eat and realize something while I am in the throws of a feeding frenzy.


Yes it really is that simple. I need to remind myself that even though it is nice to eat real things again, I didn't work so hard to loose all that extra weight for no reason.

Remember I don't subscribe to the theory that I have to weight a certain amount for my height.

If that was the case I would have tried to keep loosing weight after surgery. Yet at my lowest I felt skinny and unhealthy. Loosing more would have been a bad thing.

There is just a number that works for me and that is it. I am happy to stay there.

In the meantime please keep the baked goods to yourself.


Cynthia said...

Hi Kelli,

This rings a bell with me alright. Have no trouble getting started's the stopping that's the problem, and eating all the wrong things. Try drinking copious amounts of water. My wife has been pretty successful doing it this way. And you get to eat anything you want...only less of it. Plus there's less time to're either drinking or spending time in the loo.

As with all of us, I'll keep you in my prayers, all us girls need all the prayer we can get.



Kelli Bennett said...


I had a post about this time last year about how I lost over fifty pounds of extra weight I was carrying.

I started almost five years ago and totally changed my eating habits and drastically changed my diet. Yet still enjoy eating things I like.

The issue was recently as I enjoy eating normal things again I have had trouble stopping, which was the big habit I had to change previously.

In the past I would have stopped eating the sandwich half way through. Now because it feels so nice to be able to eat a sandwich again I am consuming the whole thing.

LOL! I have gotten better I just was breaking my habit trying to make up for lost time.