Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

While out and about this weekend I encountered something new.

Now I am not entirely surprised by it happening but it was something that you just don't expect.

Let me explain.

This last weekend I was out and about running errand.

Now as you might know transition has been delayed for a period of time. Thus I was out pretending to be a boy.

The crazy part is no one was mistaken me for one. But you knew this, right?

Regardless, I stopped at one store to get a part that I needed. Paid and left.

No bid deal.

Well upon getting home I realized I had the wrong item. Ok, then back to the store I go.

I get there and got a different clerk. From the moment I started talking to him, he was completely ma'aming me.

During the course of our conversation we discover that the item I do need, isn't in stock, and they will have to special order it.

"Would you like to do that?"

"Sure I do need it."

"Ok, I'll need your drivers license to place the order."

Oh dear.

It is times like these I feel embarrassed, not for me necessarily but for the other person I am dealing with.

Let's just say these have been some awkward moments in the past.

I produce my license, hand it over and he looks at it, doesn't blink, and starts typing.

"This is the current address?"


"And this is for {Insert his name} ." (I really should find a nickname for him so it makes better sense as to who I am referring too.)


"Phone number?"


"Ok, you are all set, we should have it in by Thursday and we will call when it is here. Let me get you receipts so you can take care of this at the register."

(The item I needed cost more then the one I got. Not much but I had to cover the difference.)

At this point he gets two bar coded receipts for the register, turns to the clerk next to him and says:

"I need you to ring this up for her. She is returning this one, but has to cover the amount for the correct item. Scan this one for the return and credit, then this one for the difference she owes. (Turning back to me.) You are all set ma'am have a nice day."


This was a first. Usually I get questioned, confused looks or a "Is this you comment?" Along with some general flustered looks once they look at my ID.

I mean they just realized the person they were talking to isn't the woman or girl they thought I was.

Yet this person didn't even flinch, look up or anything. I don't know for sure but I was a bit surprised by the non-reaction.

It is a very strange feeling when you find out that no one can place the person you were with who you are now. Even when you are deliberately trying to be that person.

I think it is almost time to say goodbye to him.


Jessica Lyn said...

Maybe he knows another trans person or is just up to date with his way of thinking. Either way, he still thought of you as a girl and you obviously look like one even in boy mode... just a matter of time til you feel you're ready to go full time. Though you could probably do it now and fit right in it seems.

Cynthia said...

"I think it is almost time to say goodbye to him".

Kelli, I think you already have. Why on earth are you pretending to be a boy? You're there girl, now quit pretending.

I'm still praying for healing and much success.

Laura Bennett said...

Geez all the comments on here seem so familiar to me for some reason. Hmmm..................

Oh wait I just got a fax from God. It says "Kelli go ahead and transition, it's cool. Love -God"


Kelli Bennett said...

@Jessica, Maybe...Maybe not. Who knows really.

@Cynthia, well I am kind of stuck at the moment. I still have people to tell. I can't change my name just yet. So I guess I just default as I never know where I am going to be.

@Laura, :P :P :P :P :P :P

SISTERS!!! I swear!! ;) lol!