Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slipping on the Banana Peels

Well wouldn't you know it, in trying to get that long post up I did forget to put something very important in it.

I guess I learned my lesson regarding writing a lengthy post over the course of a week and stringing together  several small topics.

Doesn't mean I won't do it again. :D

What I forgot to mention was something that was said to me during the phone conversation. Of all the things related to me that evening this one phrase stands out among them.

"I got to the point where I no longer feared transitioning as much as I feared what would happen if I didn't."

She didn't elaborate any further but I don't think she needed to. That statement and what it implied was more then enough to convey her point.

That and some things are better left unspoken.

Hard to imagine forgetting that statement but I was quite busy during the course of that week. I also usually put notes in my post as I break from writing them so I don't forget items that were in my head, but might not have actually written down yet.