Monday, March 22, 2010

Altering Reality

So if you have been following along you will know I want to make some surgical changes to myself in an effort to not only allow the outside world to see me as a woman. I also need to do this for myself. As much as I am slowly seeing myself appearing in the mirror.

I still see too much of him.

psychologically that is not going to work for me.

Confidence goes a long way in getting the rest of the world to see yourself. If you are not confident then you will be read frequently and often.

My nail tech even noted this the last time I was getting a pedicure. Even though I am usually there in boy mode I let go of my checks and it is obvious to her how well I now know who I am.

She has even had other clients refer to me as 'her' while I am still there and dressed wrong. But it is a location that I am comfortable and confident being myself no matter what my appearance is. Thus my personality is carrying me even though my presentation is incorrect.

They are all seeing the changes not only physically but mental in me. Mostly I feel it is because I can relax there.

The point to all this is establishing that level of confidence and ability to relax and be myself everywhere else.

No easy task, even though I have done a lot of public exploration. I still worry that people see him.

So I know I need to make some changes, hormones, eating right, exercise, proper clothing will only go so far.

Knowing that, and knowing that you have seen a somewhat recent photo of me, you know that my facial features are somewhat workable. The one thing you don't know, because you could not see, was the hairline.

Now even at the rip old age of 35 I still have most of my hair, though I do have to take care of it, along with the fact I am on Propecia to help halt what hair loss I was experiencing. Still I did loose a bit but not too much. I would take a guess that I have still have 90-95% of my original hair.


You knew there was a 'but' there.

I do have a rather tall and square hairline. When you pair that with the bit of hair loss on top it is a little tricky to style it to cover the shape.

Which means I have to change it.

Basically the hairline will have to be moved forward and some hair will have to be transplanted to round the shape a bit and fill in the areas that have lost.

Now initially I was going to have it moved when I had some other facial feminizing things done. Try to do everything all at once regarding that.

Right now I am having second thoughts about that.

Why, you might ask?

Well from what information I have gathered doing the above has to happen in a specific order. The hairline will have to be moved forward. Then allowed to heal before you can transplant other follicles. The issue is twofold. First changes to the scalp can and will affect the transplanted hair if you do it prior. Having it wrecked and redoing it doesn't sound like fun in my book. Plus it would incur added cost.

Second the transplanted hair will need an adequate blood supply to recover from being moved along with starting to grow. Meaning I have to wait three months before I can move some of the hair around. That way the scalp can support it.

Add on top of that transplanted hair can incur shock loss, which is where the follicle experiences too much trauma during the move and temporarily stops growing hair. Often ejecting the one in there and eventually starting anew.

If it is one thing that takes the longest to deal with in all these changes it is your hair. You simply cannot make it grow faster then it will. I also feel having my own hair is of great importance to living full time and allowing other to believe you about who  you are.

Not to mention I hate wigs. To me they have been a necessary evil and I really cannot wait to get rid of them.

Now the original plan was to have FFS done all at one sometime around September of this year. Well the finances are not co-operating enough at this point to pull all of it off at once this fall.

In addition I have run smack into an issue with work. We have a large project that falls squarely onto yours truly. Now these project are why I still do what I do. I don't mind the responsibility or the challenge, but I have been informed that I cannot take any vacation during the months of October, November, and December. This obviously causes issues when you consider I might be able to afford it by then but then unable actually have the time to have the work done.

Which then pushes me into next year, late winter or early spring. Which only delays the hair even more.

I was kind of thinking to actually have FFS first but give myself time to heal and repair hair this year while not going full time until after the first of 2011. This would allow me to appear as myself on day zero without needed to much help to do that.

So waiting until early 2011 for getting work done takes me into summer for full time status.

You can imagine this isn't sitting well with me. As that is over a year away.

That and it doesn't make sense for them to do the scalp advancement only to have them reopen that cut again to do anything else I want.

Totally not enamored with that idea.

So was thinking about this over the weekend. What do I do, cause I am starting to see positive signs with my hair having gone to the salon Friday after work for a trim.

The thought that occurred to me was this. Why would that need to open the forehead? Well to access the bone structure of my forehead and orbital area. Nose, jaw and Chin are all accessed differently. With that in mind I pulled up the two quotes that I have gotten so far to see what the individual cost were.

What did I find?

I can afford those procedures right now. So having them done in early September like I was hoping to do everything would be possible. On top of that hair transplantation is an out patient procedure so I could arrange doing that late this year around a long holiday weekend which will give me some time to let the scalp heal for a few days before I go back into work.

Then I could save the rest for shortly after the first of the year and still be back on track to my full time target. The biggest thing is my hair should be in pretty darn good shape by then and I can finally get rid of that hated thing that shall not be named.

I see another surgeon in mid May who also specializes in hair. I plan to ask him what he thinks about this idea at that time.

I am also going to email the other two Doctors I have my quotes from and see what they say.

Now I know I will look differently after this, but really I am getting more stares as a man now then when I am a woman. In fact I am finding out most people are starting to assume the latter when they see me.

I will also have some added expense with splitting the surgeries what with possible additional travel costs and hospital stays, but looking at the numbers that won't be too bad. Most likely another 5-8% to what I am already looking at spending.

I like this idea, I am excited about it and feel that it will be a big step to moving forward.

And my hair is that big a deal to me to consider this. I am loving what I have now and I want to improve it. I also get a lot of compliments on what I do have.

Besides I still need the time to talk to an Otolaryngologist (ENT. Ears, Nose and Throat) to find out exactly what is going on with the nose. Along with tell me if I need to find a doctor who can perform Septoplasty along with Rhinoplasty at the same time or is the issue not that extensive allowing me to only do the later. I really don't want to have the nose worked on more then once.

I have time to sort this all out but I think this is what is going to happen.

Anyone have a hammer and a chisel? ;)