Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where's Waldo

Once again I am going to tease the general audience.


With a picture.

That's how.

Recently I posted how I attended a hockey game for my favorite NHL team.

This is the hometown team I grew up rooting for.

Well they are in the playoffs yet again.

Really it has been twenty-two years straight.

I know another big clue as to where I live but really, I had the name of the major city I live near and the arena printed on the ice in the last picture.

Google would have solved that riddle in a second.

Anyways we had such good seat this last time I managed to find an interesting picture.

Why is this one so interesting?

Other than a great action shot, it is the fact that yours truly is sitting in the stands in plan sight.

We even made the national broadcast.

How cool is that?

It was a lot of fun, a great game, but still I marvel at how normal life has become.

I truly am fortunate to being living my life as me.

P.S. I know once again teasing the audience. What can I say I value my privacy. There are people in the know who will be able to find me. As they have either met me or gotten to see more picture of me via email.

P.P.S. Also do not worry, I am working on the follow up post to my last story. I has a system upgrade and outage recently took up way too much time to resolve. I had to play catch up on other things first and get some much needed rest.


Becca said...

I am very glad you are loving your life. That's what it's all about !

Whoever you are in that picture I am sure you look great.

Cassidy said...

Well, all I can say is that you made one heck of a save here! (That goalie mask must get hot during the summer though....)

== Cass

Kelli Bennett said...

lol smart ass. I did say in the stands not on the ice. You would think a Bostonian would know something about it.

Sadly I was mistaken. ;)

Cassidy said...

At least *my* team won their series in five games, unlike a certain *other* team that jumps to mind. :c)

That really is a terrific shot, btw. And how the heck did you score such incredible seats?!? Those must have cost a fortune for a playoff game!

I've been lucky enough to sit that close at several Bruins games in the past. You don't realize a) how big they are or b) how fast they skate and shoot until you are there. They really are the best conditioned athletes, I think.

Back to the magnifying glass. Just a hint: you aren't growing a playoff beard, are you?


P.S. Best of luck tomorrow night!!!