Thursday, December 20, 2012

Early Christmas!

Just a quick little post.

My company gets musical artists in now and again for little concerts in our larger building.

Normally about fifty people show up, hang out and listen to good music.

This happens about three of four times a year.

Today was different.

Over 200 hundred plus showed up and the little lobby area they set this up in was PACKED!!!

Who was there?

None other than two of my favorite artists.

Tegan & Sara

The only major issue is they are so tiny and the crowd so big you could hardly see them.

Hard to imagine this time last year I hated to leave my desk. Today, I got to enjoy a four song set by them and even got my picture taken with them(though I am still waiting for them to upload those photos). I did snap a few with my iPhone before I had to make the journey back to my desk.

I loved it and them even more now.

Soon I will see them in concert!!!!

Great little early xmas present. Even if it did not exactly have my name on it!!!


Cassidy said...

Boy, some people go full-time and start hanging out with the jet set! What's on for tonight, hanging with Brangelina? Hmm?

OK, OK... I love T&S too! They played Newport last summer and were just wonderful. And I had no idea how funny they were! Their fans are devoted for a reason.

Glad you enjoyed your early Christmas present, Kelli! Well-deserved, hon!


P.S. If you'd like to hear their Newport set:

Stace said...

Sounds like a great day in the office - it's amazing that companies do this kind of thing for the people working there.

Makes going to work that much easier!