Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Under The Knife

I recently went in for yet another surgical procedure.

Honestly I am getting tired of doing this, but it is what it is.

Thankfully I am down to only two more and the next one is all done while I am awake.

That last one is a doozy though.

Meanwhile there was something I wanted to get done.

I could have gone without it but honestly I don't think that would have worked for me.

See while on HRT(wow there is a thought I am just a few months shy of three years), I developed in some areas of my body and not others.

Where you ask?

Well my hips and butt filled out really, really well. Though I had unusually hips for a guy before they look wonderful now. I have no complaint at all since it seems most don't experience that.

What didn't happen was my breasts.

Well...I got a little but really I was still very, very flat chested.

Try as I might I was just uncomfortable being that way, so I always was relying on a set of breast forms to fill out my figure.

Honestly it made a huge difference to me and how I felt, plus it just seemed my figure worked better that way. Having something there.

And it didn't need to be big, a full C worked wonders for me, so that is what I decided I would do.

After struggling to find a local doctor who would work with me(as some didn't want to) or I just didn't care for them. I located one on the other side of my home state.

I couldn't have found someone better.

Not only was his consult amazing. I have never been so measured, pinched or prodded. With my arms raised and lowered. Etc.

I was there for nearly two and a half hours.

At the end when I was sitting down with the Doctor, he gave me full explanations of every option available along with what he thought would work the best. He also addressed my concerns about certain approaches to all this. Really he explained everything to me and did his best to make sure I was comfortable with what was going to happen.

Though he did tell me he didn't get many patients like me he did tell me that he wanted the best possible results along with a great experience. Going so far as to tell me if anyone gave me a hard time in the office to: Let. Him. Know. Personally.

I think that statement sold me right there.

I did have to wait for a price afterward but he was really only 10% higher than what I was being quoted elsewhere. If I could get one.

(Honestly, he is one of the top doctors in the country, is developing a new implant, and teaches all over the world. He could easily go to one of the coasts charge more and get it.)

With that I was hooked and I booked my date for the end of January.

As we all know that has come to pass.

So how did it go?

Beyond all my best expectations. This Doctor is not only talented, smart, but passionate about his craft. He truly works hard at getting the best results possible for his patients.

Even in the manner where he brought in a bucket of markers in a rainbow of colors. Using them to mark locations of everything you can thing of regarding a breast augmentation and quite a few you haven't.

Every mark in a different color so as to not confuse them.

I joked with him about if he was going to use 'every' color(honest he must have had thirty or more).

His response was that he didn't know but was certainly going to try. All with a chuckle.

My nurse who handled me throughout the entire process was even more wonderful. Her conversation with me as I woke up and starting to make sure everything was working was one of the sweetest I ever had. I was waking up from anesthesia so I don't recall exact words, I just remember how sweet she was, how extremely supportive she was and how cute a girl she thought I made. Nothing but compliments about how wonderful life should now be for me.

All done while making sure I was comfortable as possible and catering to every need. The constant warm blankets were the best.

The results?

Amazing, even just three weeks out they look wonderful and I know they are only going to get better in the coming months as they settle into their final position and shape.

Add to that the level of completeness I know feel which has been major boost to my confidence.

I don't worry that a shirt maybe low enough to show a area of skin that in the past would have a had me in panic mode. Feeling exposed.

All it needed to be was a sliver.

The more and more I look into the mirror now the less I see of him and the more I see of myself.

I am nearly there and so much the better for it.

Again I could have opted to skip this step and at times I was on the fence about it.

I am so glad I didn't and even more glad I found the surgeon I did.

I owe him just a big hug when I see him for a check up in coming weeks.

P.S. I forgot to mention that on my week one checkup(I saw his current student as he was out of town teaching.) to make sure everything was progressing as planned. That while there I had four people in the office come in and ask how I was doing along with hugs. I swear I cannot believe the positive reactions I have been getting all around. Yet the people in his office have been amazing. All of them.


Kelly said...

OK now, see? *This* is how you do it. You post happy news like this on Wednesday, when people are starting to look forward to the weekend. This preseves the "bitchy Monday" thing for those of us who *aren't* sweet Midwestern girls but bitter, jaded coastal denizens.

So, to recap: Happy news on Monday: BAD. Happy news on any other day of the week: GOOD.

Got it?

Good. You may return to enjoying your new, er, assets. ;c)

== Cass

P.S. Congratulations!