Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ugly Truth

I have a secret.

Really there is something I haven't mentioned on this blog.


I am still afraid too and you might think less me after I tell you.


Here goes nothing.

I am not really blonde.


If you can get past the shock and awe that of this declaration. I want to talk to you about it.

My natural color is a rather sandy brown.

I know what the title of my blog is, I frankly picked it for two reasons.

One, I did color my hear blonder because my hair would change from a moderate brown to nearly the color of light sand if I left it alone during the summer.

The issue was my family has a proclivity to turn gray early.

I had reached that point quite a while back.

So I had been slowly adding blonde highlights to it once it became long enough a few years back to the point that I was a solid dirty blonde in hair color.

Second, and more accurately I named this blog the way I did because I liked the play on the old Clint Eastwood movie title. Plus it accurately represented what I thought transition was.

Good moments, Bad moments, and quite a few Blonde(or Duh) moments.

I honestly thought I would keep it and even go blonder after full time.

Right up until last Wednesday.

I can't even claim brown anymore either.

Well not completely.

With a hair transplant procedure pending for late April I thought it might be prudent to pick a color that would blend easier as transplanted hair grew out. Also I know bleaching is rather harsh on the hair.

I brought all this up Wednesday afternoon when I was at my hair appointment with my stylist. Who firmly agreed with the idea. It would make her job easier, my dealing with it easier and hopefully less damaging to my hair.

(You can color it after four weeks you just have to give your scalp time to heal after the procedure.)

However she knew I still wanted something fun and different. So she pulled out her books of coloring ideas and we proceeded to peruse the pages in an attempt to find an idea.

And did we ever find one. I saw an example, I pointed, and said 'how about that?'.


She looked at me a moment.

"Actually I think with your skin tone it would look great on you. You sure?"

I hesitated for just a few moments to really think about it.


Away she went, she did tell me she would cut the secondary color back just a bit so that the overall effected would be subtle. Especially after it washed out at bit.

After sitting nervously in the chair for 15 minutes, freaking when after she washed it out. I really started to grow on me. A lot!

Once I saw it styled out I could not stop grinning it was a huge change for me but I also loved how it looked.

What did I get?

Well if you look at the picture below, that is extremely close. As in it is almost a perfect match. It is mostly brown with a wonderful reddish tone to it.

The response?

Everyone has liked it. Women particularly but I have even gotten a few compliments from guys, including a few at work.

I will be honest I did freak myself out the following morning when I first got up and looked into the mirror. I just wasn't use to it.

And that is my dirty little secret. I am no longer blonde. I now have brownish red hair.

I do hope you call all forgive me.

But I love it and I am keeping it.



Kelly said...

So is this now The Good, The Bad, and The (No-Longer) Blonde? Or The Blog Formerly Known as "The Good, The Bad, & The Blonde"? Your public awaits!

== Cass

P.S. The color looks awesome! One of my friends is already thinking about what color I should go for when I get to the same point, and she's strongly pushing for the redhead look. Fortunately I have a bit of time to think about it!

Angel said...

I did the same thing... went blonde for a while, then switched to red. Since going red a few years ago, I have received so many compliments - many from total strangers - about my hair. I'm sticking with red! :)

Jenna said...

I've had blonde highlights for a while and most people like it but a couple of people have seen pictures of me wearing a more brownish red wig that is closer to my natural colour and said it looks fab so I'm tempted to change its colour and will be discussing it with my hairdresser next week.

Go redheads!