Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Banana Cruise 2011

They are not taking a break, gorging on bananas, hanging in trees, on strike, or even rebelling.


The typewriter monkeys are gone.

On vacation.

I have no idea when they will return.

For all I know they are sitting on a topical island or a fancy boat sipping fruity drinks with cute little paper umbrellas in them. If they are smart they found their way to the Lopburi Monkey Festival.

They are typewriters monkeys so I wouldn't give them that much credit.

However, they haven't called and they certainly haven't written.

Which brings me to my absence. I have had a serious case of writers block. Oh it isn't like I haven't had things to talk about but I just didn't always feel I wanted to talk about them or felt comfortable doing so.

I cannot say that I do now.

Though I will say that one of the reasons I haven't felt like talking is I have been busy recovering.

My days have been tied up in rest, caring for myself, and doing things I need to get better.

The good news is I am doing quite well and for the most part I am very happy with the results. Things are turning out they way I wanted them too.

It was indeed and interesting experience, yet one that I currently don't feel compelled to discuss publicly.

At least not now.

Someday I might. However for those that are truly interested and really want to know my email address is listed on the site. I will provide any details you might want as long as you have some good questions.

However for the time being life is a little on hold while I continue to heal and gain back some of my strength.

Trust me I have had B call me three times asking me when I would be ready to hang out again. I tell you that boy is a persistent one. Though it is welcome and appreciated.

Hopefully life will return to normal soon and I can start moving this process forward again. I would think that I would have a lot more to say when that happens.

In the mean time if you see any of my typewrite monkeys tell them to come home.

Though I can understand I might not want to leave this either if I was them.


Sarah Sterling said...

I hope that you find them monkeys and I will keep my eyes open for them.
I hope that everything is going great for you. Your blog is so inspiring and has helped me on a emotional level so much.

Jessica Lyn said...

Though we have emailed in the past and I am wanting to know more, I will wait until you are ready to talk about it.

I wish you a well recovery!