Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adventures in the Wild

So, a year ago, my hair and makeup stylist (I owe this woman so much it isn't even funny. With her help I have learned so much about how to present myself. Not to mention filled in the education that I needed.) was telling me about this Adult/Fetish show that she had just attended. (This was almost a year ago to the day) She is telling me about this as I was sitting in her chair learning to do a more contemporary look and see a new wig she had styled for me. (Just so you know I kept my hair almost military short to avoid liking my hair long, thus avoiding my feelings. Out of sight, out of mind remember.)

While telling me about a couple of crossdressers that were there and how disappointed she was in how they looked. (Remember she works with CDs, TG, TV, Trans in general to help them with hair and makeup insider her salon.) And how she wanted to pull them aside redo their makeup and explain to them how to dress.

She stops.

Looks me in the eye. (I swear I could see the light bulb go on.)

I looked at her clueless and said: "What?"

"I should take you."


"Yes you, next year I should take you as my model and hand out business cards."


She proceeds to tell me that I am easily one of her best looking customers. That I already know how to dress (my sense of style to this day amazes her.) She would do my makeup and show me off.

Speed up to this year.

Can you guess where I went?

Not only that but in the weeks leading into it she asks me if I have anything really hot, even risque.

I told her I was planning on going with a glam evening look. But as I thought about it I realized I had an old dress (well I've had it a long time, but maybe tried it on once.) That was skin tight, and short. I would have never have worn this back when I first got it, but with my weight loss I thought about it and if I could dress it up with something maybe. Not to mention I couldn't think of the proper event to wear it too.

Now this dress is long sleeved (I got it since back then I had heavier arm hair.) mid thigh, and ultra snug everywhere. It is made out of some black Lycra like material but the neat thing about it is that it has this sparkly like shimmer to it. It is really cool but very daring. I could never think of an occasion to wear it.

Until now.

So I had this in my closet, I also realized I had a red satin corset, nothing fancy or expensive, but serviceable. I placed this over the dress. I found some hot high heeled oxfords that were black/red. Trimmed it out with silver and some red jewelery.

I met my stylist at her salon, got dressed, and as soon as she walked into the room she pause, all she could say was: "wow, that is totally hot."

My stylist did my makeup for the evening, once again outdoing herself. We finished getting ready and out the door we went.

Now I should preface something here. While I have been out as Kelli, this was major outing for me. 1)I am going to be in large general public crowd. (SCC doesn't count since, well it is so trans friendly. Wonderful but I wasn't going to have that cocoon of safety here). 2)I was dressed to be noticed. Which while I like to be stylish, I am definitely not trying to show off in general public.

So how did it go?

Well I had an amazing time, I definitely got a lot of attention, compliments and who knows what I didn't see.

Funny part was I got most of the compliments from women easily two-thirds. I had a number of conversations with a few. Not to mention men. Now I am not an attention whore. I don't need to be the center of it, but I love all the attention that I did receive.

I even talked to one of the performers there who told me since I walked in the door, people were checking me out and even asking him questions of if I was a performer with the show.

The only thing that bothered me was that people were able to figure out eventually that I wasn't a natural woman. I asked a few and they said it was my facial features, while fairly convincing upon further inspection they noticed the truth about me.

Now this didn't ruin my fun for the evening, far from it. But it did remind me that I wasn't born they way I feel I should have been. And to be able to live they way I want to, I am going to need to have some work done.

Because really I wanted to be there and be viewed as just another woman having a fun night out.

Even if I was tarting it up a bit.


alan said...

It doesn't sound like you're going to need much "work" fact it sounds like you're "breaking hearts" already!

It's so very wonderful to have someone that can give you the confidence you need when going through such major changes in your life! Please pass along a "thank you" from me to your friend for helping and looking out for you, along with her "showing you off"!

As far as "tarting it up" I'm old enough to remember an ad campaign that said "If you've got it, flaunt it"!

You definitely seem to have it!