Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dress Code

Since someone else brought this up I thought I would post a simple experience I had.

Just this last Friday I a chance to go out with my hair stylist/makeup artist.

She has become a good friend and valuable source of info for me. I owe her a lot and she owed me a GNO.

So we went.

After she did my makeup. She had some new product she had been wanting to try and I am always looking for new ideas. So I didn't mind. That and she did a fantastic job as always.

Now since I have only recently been getting out I kept the outfit simple. Tight jeans tucked into black knee high wedge boots. With a 3/4 sleeved, tunic length scarlet turtleneck. (It has gotten a little cold here in the Midwest this time of year.)

Off we went to a local steakhouse, had a wonderful meal, no one treated me any different at all.

Since it was a spur of the moment kind of thing and had gotten late by then, she suggested a local lesbian bar. (Kind of a mix really but mostly it is lesbian in clientele).

After being there for a little bit and the crowd picking up. My partner in crime was talking about the styles there and she mentioned to me, that even though I was very casually dressed. I was still one of the better dressed people there.

This surprised me and I hadn't thought about it.

So I started looking around more at the other women to gauge what they were wearing.

What did I see?

She was right. Other then a few girls who were very stylish. Most were very plain. Now I know what you are going to say. Kelli you were at a lez bar. I know this, and I understand the more 'butch crowd' that was going to be there. But this isn't the comparison we were making. It was everyone else whom I out dressed.

Maybe I am used to a different more mainstream atmosphere. Maybe lesbians don't dress to impress they way straight girls to in order to attract men. I also understand not everyone wants to get all dolled up every night. It just seemed to me that very few tried to dress better then a hoodie over a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers. Along with the fact that it just about all the mainstream looking ones that did this.


Heck, cute flats or heels, a better top and most of these girls would have looked much better then they did. It was just weird seeing it.

It just seems such a waste to me. When it doesn't take much to at least look nice. Rather then just like you rolled out of bed and decided to go out.

At least it won't change how I dress. What I wear runs a wide gamut, but if I want to look cute I will. If I want to look stylish I will. If I want to look sexy I will. Sometimes I try to balance those.

It just seems to me that women quite often waste the very thing that makes them different. Their femininity, by dressing far too plain or sloppy.


alan said...

I'm glad you had such a great night out!

I've read some discussions elsewhere of this "phenomena" and the conclusion usually seems to be that the girls who have had to overcome so much just to "be" tend to treasure it more, if that makes any kind of sense...


Kelli Ann Bennett said...

I don't know if it is a sense of treasuring it. More then it is, if I am going to be in public I will put my best foot forward. Even if I might not be dressing to the nines. Even if it is simple I will through a splash of style into it, just so I don't look like I just didn't care.

I guess I have always been in the school of how you look is reflection of the person. There might be a better way of putting that but, I think you get the point.