Friday, March 22, 2013

Again For The First Time: The Game

I have recently found myself doing things I never imagined I would ever be doing.


...but for the first time.

As myself.

I know I posted me out on the ski slopes last year.

Yet recently I found myself attending something in person, in over three years.

There I was sitting in the stands, my BF next to me(it was his idea and treat to take me), jersey on(yes, always when at a live game), when the thought struck me of where I was.

And that I was doing it as me.

So I snapped this picture right before the opening face off.

I had a blast. I love live hockey and seeing my home town team skating again great!

Yes, I know it is a huge clue as to where I live but hey, it isn't like I have posted what I look like these days...

...or my actual name.

...or where I work.

Still is it is a profound moment when you realize how much life has changed. Yet still is the same.

In addition how great it feels to be living your live freely.


Stace said...

:) What more is there to say... It's great just to be yourself isn't it!

And and don't worry about the location, at least from here :) I wouldn't have a clue from the picture! (or am I just being blind again? :P)


Cassidy said...

Much to my surprise, Stace, Kelli lives in a hockey rink. (Who knew?) lol

Two posts in one week... well, well, well... aren't WE quite the little authoress! I hope you are treating your worker monkeys well for their efforts!

OK, time to be serious. Great to read this, hon! What a wonderful it must be! You have earned these moments, sweetie! Every one of them. Enjoy life as you!!!


Jessica Lyn said...

I was just thinking when I saw that pic how your were giving away your location, although there are two teams in that pic, but either way they are pretty big cities.. I think you're pretty safe.

I love hockey too.. hopefully we'll still have a team for a while.. even if they stink.