Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The trip to Florida was amazing and so much fun. I simply don't have time for a full post but I have some down time next week I promise to get caught up. It has already been placed in front of me to make it an annual thing. :D

My story gets told to the rest of work tomorrow. At least all of those that really need to know. O_O

I have a nose revision on Friday and the following week off. I won't be able to see anyone until the 12th of December.

Jan 3rd is 33 days away. I am so scared, happy, freaked out, excited, scatterbrained, hopeful, and terrified all at once.

I won't be seeing family for Xmas this year. I simply am not able to get in touch with anyone regarding the upcoming changes. :(

That is all I got for now. As I mentioned I will follow up with more next week when I have some actual free time. I am not sure I actually remember what that is.

More soon!!!


Becca said...

Glad the holiday was fun.

Not much lomger to go - I think I am jealous but I am sure that if I get to the same place my emoitions will be all over the place.

Goos Luck !

Stace said...

Glad the trip went well! I hope that you were able to relax :)

I have just been through that bit at work - the company management team knows, and so do the other members of the IT management team.

On December 12th it becomes public knowledge and 13th (what a date!) I start working as Stacy.

Your description of how you feel at the moment fits me perfectly at the moment - I'm glad I'm not the only one to do all of those emotions at once at this stage!


Cynthia Jane said...

Hi Kelli,

So happy to hear your holiday was good. I prayed really hard that that would be the case. The Lord answered my prayers favorably.

I'll being praying for your upcoming surgery on Friday, and for a speedy recovery.

Many hugs, much love, and prayers,